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1 a momentary flash of light [syn: flicker, spark]
2 a spatially localized brightness


1 be shiny, as if wet; "His eyes were glistening" [syn: glitter, glisten, gleam, shine]
2 throw a glance at; take a brief look at; "She only glanced at the paper"; "I only peeked--I didn't see anything interesting" [syn: glance, peek]

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  1. short flash of light


short flash of light


  1. to flash briefly


to flash briefly

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Scintillation is a fluctuation in the amplitude of a target on a radar display. It is closely related to target glint, or wander, an apparent displacement of the target from its mean position. This effect can be caused by a shift of the effective reflection point on the target, but has other causes as well. The fluctuations can be slow (scan-to-scan) or rapid (pulse-to-pulse).
It appears especially at seaside level.
Scintillation and glint are actually two manifestations of the same phenomenon and are most properly linked to one another in target modeling.


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afterglow, air glow, be bright, beacon, beam, bedazzle, blaze, blaze of light, blind, burn, candescence, cast a glance, coruscate, coruscation, daze, dazzle, diffuse light, facula, flame, flare, flash, flush, fulgurate, give light, glance, glance at, glare, glaze, gleam, gleam of light, glimmer, glimpse, glisten, glitter, gloss, glow, incandesce, incandescence, luster, polish, radiate, scintillation, send out rays, sheen, shimmer, shine, shine brightly, shininess, shining light, shoot, shoot out rays, skylight, solar flare, solar prominence, sparkle, sunset glow, twinkle
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